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The Ring Dinger ® Chiropractic Adjustment

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Dr. Kiriakatis is now well-versed in a manual spinal decompression method known as The Ring Dinger®. It is considered the first non-surgical chiropractic adjustment which stretches and decompresses the spine. Originally made popular by Dr. Gregory Johnson, this high velocity and low amplitude adjustment technique allows for the decompression and realignment of all 24 mobile vertebrae in one synchronized motion. Many back ailments are the result of the pressure placed on vertebral discs, nerves, and joints of the spine. The Ring Dinger® method allows for the decompression and alleviation of this pressure throughout the entire length of the spine. This release of pressure on the spine allows for ideal communication between the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. This enhances healing of the spine and improves all associated bodily functions.

Spinal Neural Decompression Specialized Chiropractic Table…

At Salem Chiropractic Center, you will find a high-quality specialized table in an isolated room dedicated solely to the Ring Dinger® adjustment method. The unique capabilities of the table allow it to effectively stabilize the pelvis of the patient and decrease the pressure of the intervertebral discs by lifting the patient’s legs to parallel. This positioning of the patient allows for optimal full spine decompression during the adjustment.
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Is the Ring Dinger ® the right treatment approach for you?

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Dr. Kiriakatis takes a lot of factors into account when creating a progressive, comprehensive treatment plan for his patients. Some factors include new patient evaluation, medical history, X-Rays, etc. Application of the Ring Dinger® method will be customized to the health goals of the patient. Keep in mind that feeling some soreness for 1-3 days after the office visit is normal since the Ring Dinger® is considered a deep chiropractic adjustment. Give our friendly office a call to schedule a convenient appointment and have all your questions and concerns addressed with regards to this effective adjustment technique.