How We Treat at Salem Chiropractic Center

Manual Spinal Adjustments

Extensive chiropractic expertise and the ability to figure out the root cause of your musculoskeletal ailments is essential to implementing a proper spinal adjustment plan for your unique health needs. Dr. Kiriakatis has been using spinal adjustment techniques for over 25 years to effectively restore correct alignment of the spine. These techniques allow for better mobility, range of motion, neuromuscular efficiency, and major organ function.

Spinal adjustments can do wonders for chronic pain conditions regardless if the original ailment occurred from injury, degenerative processes, car accident, repetitive stress, etc. The best part is that it’s a natural, drugless treatment process to help you attain your optimal health goals.  

Car Accident Recovery Treatment

Auto accidents are a traumatic experience both mentally and physically. There is a whole host of musculoskeletal problems that that can arise from a collision impact including vertebrae thrown out of alignment, whiplash, joint damage, soft tissue damage, range of motion impairment, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes the symptoms from these issues is not present right away and especially since the spine is often affected during auto accidents it is highly recommended to see a chiropractor who specializes in such injuries so that your acute injury does not turn into a chronic one. At Salem Chiropractic Center, we have been diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries for 25 years. 

We accept all Automobile Insurance plans and will be happy to guide you through the process. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, six million auto accidents occur in the United States each year. Alcohol and speeding are the leading cause, however even if you are extremely careful, you can still be a victim of a car accident injury.

Muscle Tension and Muscle Spasm Relief

Therapeutic Massage

We utilize massage therapy to relieve muscle tension and spasms by relaxing contracted muscles. This helps to restore ideal blood flow as well as lymphatic circulation thereby bringing balance back to the patient’s body.

Electric Stimulation

By sending electric signals to targeted muscles, we’re able to to excite, contract, and release the muscle. Benefits include muscle relaxation, strengthening of the muscles, and a decrease in inflammation. 

Ultrasound Massage

Ultrasound therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to stimulate soft tissue. It has the ability to penetrate deep within the tissue to promote healing and alleviate symptoms associated with pain and inflammation. 

Elite Spinal Decompression Therapy

We only use the best for our patients, and the KDT Spinal Decompression Technology is as effective and sophisticated of a technology as it gets today. A compressed spine can lead to a whole host of issues such as nerve impingement, exacerbation of bulged discs, muscle tightness, range of motion impairment, etc. Decompressing the spine using this technology is a safe way to carefully stretch the spine back to its optimal position while at the same time releasing tension in the spine. The high end decompression software that we utilize allows for a wide range of customization so that we can tailor the treatment that is unique to your spine and your desired outcomes.

This technology has been effectively used to relieve discomfort from bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, acute facet problems, radicular pain, prolapsed discs, spinal root impingement, degenerative joint disease, facet syndrome, etc. and greatly assist the healing process. 

A compressed spine places undue pressure on the discs themselves, and when that pressure is relieved the disc is able to pull nutrients, oxygen, and moisture back into the disc allowing for healing. This therapy helps to alleviate pain due to compression, pinched nerves, and tight muscles around the spine. This is a drug-free, surgery-free, and cost-efficient solution to many back ailments. 

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On-Site X-Rays

Although it is possible to diagnose a misalignment of the spine by look, feel, and movement alone, it’s always prudent for a chiropractic professional to obtain a professional X-Ray image of the spine so that they can look at a very accurate visual representation of your vertebrae and provide you with highly customized treatment. Not only do X-Rays show the exact intricacies of any misalignment, but also they show how the rest of the spine is compensating for that misalignment. At Salem Chiropractic Center, we have an X-Ray set up on site so that we can easily obtain images of your spine during your appointment. We can also monitor how your spine is responding throughout your recovery process.